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Rise Higher as one

Never underestimate the power of a handful who can make a difference and find solutions. This website is dedicated to those who want to contribute, organize and find solutions to re-build humanity.


Never did we think that we would be part of a massive Eugenics agenda under the guise of the COVID Scamdemic, did we? They are not just after us, but also the children, and infact the entire human race for the Transhuman agenda. Still waters run deep!


However big the problem is – there is always a solution. This website is part of the solution. We bring people together, identify what and how they can contribute towards real world solutions, build intentional communities and work together towards freedom!

Purpose of the Website

The website is all about mobilizing people and resources. Thats how the world works, and 99% of all problems can be solved through cooperation. There are three Sections.

1. What can you CONTRIBUTE to wards this movement?

2. What can you TEACH the COMMUNITY?

3. What RESOURCES do you NEED?

Scroll down for details.

Who are We?

We are a group of committed professionals who are dedicated to help/support each other, build a task force and create an organized movement against the vax and transhumanism agenda that is upon us, our children and entire humanity. We do not need to explain this agenda on this website; you should be fully aware of it. We simply work together on real and actionable solutions that are relevant to all of us and our families.

This website is only announced on Clubhouse. We have no intent of mentioning names of people, their location and their phone numbers. This is a simple movement of very committed people who are determined to re-invent how we need to live our lives and help each other during the toughest challenge of humanity. 

What should you do here?

We are looking to build a community and ecosystem. Every one has skills  – you can help the community leverage that. You want resources and help – you will find it here. You have a responsibility to help others – you educate people, communities and families.

Go through the “Focus Areas”, find yours, click on the link/button/box that takes you to a separate page. That page has a questionnaire that captures several things. It captures your name, email, phone, state and zip code. The second piece of the questionnaire is checking the box based on what you can contribute and what resources you need. The third piece is a description of what else you want to contribute, you can fill in anything else you want to pass on to us.

What would WE do with your information?

First, we have a lot of people who have immense capabilities and knowledge.  We structure and group people based on capabilities and the impact they can create.

Second, we connect  People – Problems – Solutions together, and we scale it. Scaling is a difficult model, so we conduct several sessions on Clubhouse regularly. Unfortunately, we will not share the Clubhouse group here for reasons of confidentiality. 

Third, we build solutions that scale for the community who definitely understand the insidious transhumanism plan. Participation is voluntary, we have no interest in dealing with people who are not awake and do not have interest in our agenda of evolving and re-building humanity. The choice is yours. Good luck either way. Scroll down and check out the topics and fill in the Questionnaire.

Focus Areas of Cooperation?


Exemption Forms and Education

Employment, School, Vax Religious Exemption or anything that deals with legal around the Vax.

Trusts & Sovereignty

Anything to do with Sovereignty, Canon Laws, building Bullets Proof Trusts, Power of Attorney, Affidavits etc

Legal for Logistics

Documentation for travel, inter-country, maritime, interstate, post office, buying land, mortgage take out etc



Different methods of investing money, profiting from the companies involved in the scamdemic and funding ventures


Investing long-term and mid-term for your children, through compounding, insurance contracts, corporate hacks etc.

Legal and Mobility

How to Crypto, NFT, hacks, metals, legal of money, moving money, carrying money and international mobility

Middle School

Pulling your child out of school? Who can teach, subjects, innovative ways of learning, problem solving amd engagement.

High School and Internships

Pulling your child out of school? Need teachers? Need Subject authority and experts? Need prep for college? Need direction with college payments?

High End Projects

Want to build innovative projects – including product innovation, activism, Ivy league mentorship, industry connections, recommendations

Re-Training and Re-Skilling

You are unemployed and want to re-skill yourself so as to work from a remote location. What are the options, what are the jobs, industries, resources, training, knowledge, people and connections.

Skill / Connections

This is an ecosystem and community. You have a skill other people/business within the community needs. Building this model creates self sustainability within the ecosystem. 

Industry Connections / Hacks

Know Legal entity formations and/or  professionals who have invented innovative technologies that could benefit all of us and they want to be a part of us, but differently.


You have immense knowledge of herbs, botany, immunology and astro-biology. You have specialized in healing and know what makes the body heal, diets, hacks and medicinal technologies.

Bio Electric / Acupuncture

You are versed with Bio Magnetism, Acupuncture, Electrotherapy and other technologies that either strengthen the immune system, the human body and/or know how to kill parasites in the body.

Mental Health and Spirituality

Children will go through a lot of stress in the futureas the lockdowns start. If you are trained in mental, emotional and spiritual health for children we need you.

Intentional Communities/ Ecovillages

You have built or have connections to different Intentional communities or Ecovillages or Sustainable Communities all over USA/Canada and globally.

Safety Logistics / Laws / Transportation

You are aware of different transport laws , routes, logistics, truckers, port laws, shipping laws etc – either on land, air or water and have connections.

Mental Health and Spirituality

Children will go through a lot of stress in the futureas the lockdowns start. If you are trained in mental, emotional and spiritual health for children we need you.

Generational Farmers

You have been farming for a long time, know weather patterns, seeds, GMO, methods of farming, logistics of farming and you are also happy to share your learning to others.

New Farming Technologies

You know the new methods and technologies that can be replicated at every home and can be taught to people to grow food at home or at a farm.


You are aware of different models of storing food, grains, and seeds. You know methods to harness energy and build energy devices at home.


Rise Higher as One

“Life is like a boxing match. The referee pronounces you as defeated not when you fall, but… when you refuse to rise up”

-Mohd Ali

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