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Rise Higher as one Emergency and RELOCATION Questionnaire

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This Google Form is about capturing some data items and also a planning template that is important when  sh*t hits the fan! Plan meticulously.  Plan Fearlessly now. Sweat during peace, be relaxed in war!


We plan meticulously, and help you accelerate the logistics needed. We have a team working on the ground – on food, lodging, medicine, programs, water, manpower planning etc to bring you to the location in safety.

Questionnaire for SAFETY and RELOCATION only

Couple of items: This is about Emergency planning and relocation to Project Eternity ( ) during times of emergency.  Three things are needed during these times. Money, Legal Papers including Visas and your Network is your Net worth. This is not a vacation, and while the locations is amazing, don’t think of a hotel like experience. We will need to work together during times of emergency. 

Filling up the form below will take 30 minutes of your time or more depending upon what legal documents you have. The document is a planner. The document is also an idea where you need help. The same document also helps you know the legal stuff you need to do now. Yes, now! When extreme cases happen, one needs to move out in a day or two. Logistics of flight plans are being worked out – they will be chartered flights and we will update you as we go on.

Other items:

1. Why do we need your details including your phone #? ( During emergency – where would we call you? Your phone # and your calls, logs and location are stored for 7 years by the govt, anyway. Thats law, yes! If you are not comfortable putting your phone # in the firm, please do not fill up the form. Give someone else the chance, thanks). Using this website and form below, you hold us harmless in the court of Law in any country or international waters. 

2. We will try our best, but we need cooperation to plan meticulously. We will be sending a separate questionnaire  for you to put down your skills so that we know what strengths you have. This will take some effort. We are not a travel and tour operator.

3. Our website ( ) has two videos. One being a detailed video on what to expect and the preparation/programs.

NOTE: This is a Google Form. Scroll inside the questionnaire window to browse the questions. All answers are required. Last, DO NOT FORGET to HIT the SUBMIT BUTTON… and it will be inside the Google form.


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